Discussion on International Issues I (Peace Studies)



Some Japanese Pacifists

Toyohiko Kagawa

Masaki Kobayashi

Reiji Nagakawa

Kaiko Takeshi

Tadatoshi Akiba

Kuroshima Denji

The Issue of War & Peace in Japan

Where is Japan Heading? 

Kimiko Nezu

The Tokyo Tribunal, War Responsibility and the Japanese People

The Remembered and the Forgotten: Slighting the firebombing victims of Japan’s Pacific War

Japanese SDF in  Iraq

The Okinawa Peace Prize Fraud

Japanese Police Crush Peace Protestors

Crime and Responsibility: War, the State and Japanese Society

Sources of Information in English on Recent Japanese Attitudes Toward the War and Recent History:

Nationalist Ideology in Japan

Ten Peace Issues in Japan (American Friends Service Committee--the Quakers)

The Issue of Human Rights in Japan

On Becoming ‘a Japanese’: The community of oblivion and memories of the battlefield

The Coming Internationalization: Can Japan assimilate its immigrants?