Discussion on International Issues I (Peace Studies)


Textbook Activities

Click on the links below to go some mp3 files that have explanation and commentary on the text, as well as True- False Exercises for each chapter in the textbook, Introduction to Peace Studies: The Meaning of Peace by David P. Barash.

First, read the textbook, then listen to the explanation and commentary. This the first link in each pair of links for the units below. This will help you understand the contents. Then, do the True/ False questions and answer the information questions. This is second link, indicated by the T/F. These are mp3 files which you can download and listen to with your iPod or other mp3 players

Unit 1 Unit 1 T/F Unit 10 Unit 10 T/F
Unit 2 Unit 2 T/F Unit 12 Unit 12 T/F
Unit 3  Unit 3 T/F Unit 13 Unit 13 T/F
Unit 4 Unit 4 T/F Unit 14 Unit 14 T/F
Unit 5 Unit 5 T/F Unit 15 Unit 15 T/F
Unit 7 Unit 7 T/F Unit 16 Unit 16 T/F
Unit 8 Unit 8 T/F
Unit 9 Unit 9 T/F