Films of War and Peace

Anti-War Films

All Quite on the Western Front (Scenes)

I Want to Help You

Forgive Me Comrade

What Good Are They To You?

To Die for Your Country

The Butterfly

Two Days in October An acount of a battle in Vietnam and the first large-scale anti-war demonstrations at the University of Wisconsin in 1967.

Buying the War (Bill Moyers) An analysis of how the war in Iraq was sold to the public through the media by the Bush administration.

The Sound of My Violin in My Lai (American soldiers reflect on the My Lai massacre) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Pro-War Propaganda Films

World War I-

Hearts of the World (1918, D.W. Griffith, silent film) : Description in Wikipedia

The Kaiser, Beast of Berlin (short clip): Description in Wikipedia