Presentation Pairs and Topics Fall 2014

Osage: Misaki Ito & Ayano Shiigi

Mahican: Minako Kurita & Maki Usui

Kiowa: Yuka Kubota & Nanaka Aoki

Arapaho: Asumi Takei & Moe Hamamatsu

Navajo: Kaori Koseki & Kaho Iwauchi

Shoshone: Yuri Sugimoto & Miori Matsuura

Shawnee: Saori Igarashi & Shiori Sakuma

Apache: Sayuri Kurokawa & Juri Kamato

Cherokee: Ayaka Sato & Azusa Sakakibara

Comanche: Sayaka Sone & Haruna Kanno

Guidelines for Presentations

First Presentation (on the traditional culture of the people)--

What does their name mean?

Where did they live traditionally? Were they sedentary or nomadic? What kind of houses and villages did they have?

What other people are they related to? (Or, for larger groups, such as the Apache, Who are the members of this group?)

What is their language? Does it still exist?

What kind of clothes did they wear?

What animals were important to them?

What did they cultivate, gather and hunt for for food?

How was their society organized? Marriage customs, family structure.

What was their political structure like? Were they war-like or peaceful?

What was their religion like? What happened when someone died?

Music? Art? Crafts?

Second Presentation (their history since the coming of Europeans)--

When did they first encounter Europeans (white people)? What happened when they first met?

How was their relationship with white people?

What important events occurred after the white man came?

Who are some famous leaders? What did they do?

What has happened to these people? What are they doing today?