Indigenous Peoples of North America

Classification of indigenous peoples of North America according to Alfred Kroeber:


Map of Native American nations and tribes. Click on it to see large image.


Map of Alaskan Native Peoples. Click on it to see large image.


List of Native Peoples of North America (with population numbers) with links to Wikipedia pages:

Tribal grouping
Total 4,119,301
Apache 96,833
Blackfeet 85,750
Cherokee 729,533
Cheyenne 18,204
Chickasaw 38,351
Chippewa 149,669
Choctaw 158,774
Colville 9,393
Comanche 19,376
Cree 7,734
Creek 71,310
Crow 13,394
Delaware 16,341
Houma 8,713
Iroquois 80,822
Kiowa 12,242
Latin American Indian 180,940
Lumbee 57,868
Mahican ?
Menominee 9,840
Navajo 298,197
Osage 15,897
Ottawa 10,677
Paiute 13,532
Pima 11,493
Potawatomi 25,595
Pueblo 74,085
Puget Sound Salish 14,631
Seminole 27,431
Shawnee Tribe 2,226
Shoshone 12,026
Sioux 153,360
Tohono O’odham 20,087
Ute 10,385
Yakama 10,851
Yaqui 22,412
Yuman 8,976
Other specified American Indian tribes 357,658
American Indian tribe, not specified 2 195,902
Alaska Athabascan 18,838
Aleut 16,978
Eskimo 54,761
Tlingit-Haida 22,365
Other specified Alaska Native tribes 3,973
Alaska Native tribe, not specified 8,702
American Indian or Alaska Native tribes, not specified 3 1


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The Wampanoag People (Northeast)



Who Are They?



Wikipedia Text with vocabulary


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Wampannoag Social Studies Student Project

Independent Lens: We Still Live Here

CapeCast: Mashpee Wampananoag Dance

We Still Live Here: Efforts to Restore the Wampanoag Language



The Sioux People (Plains)



Who Are They?


Political Organization

Wikipedia Text with vocabulary


Video Links

Sioux Nation Pow Wow Grand Entrance 2010

The Great Sioux People

Sioux War Dance (With Text about Great Sioux War 1876-77)


Vocabulary 1

heritage matriarchy drive out clan insufficiency
indispensable squid compose nomadic sedentary
purification life expectancy solar eclipse matrilineal polygamy
sacred embroider recognize epidemic tradition
reservation cultivate confederation authority colonial
conversion dismantle habitat misled literate

Vocabulary Practice 1

Vocabulary Practice 1 Answers

Vocabulary 2

insult wisdom dignity communal premeditated
etymology fraternity allotment genocide migration
negative connotation artillery subsistence farming bigotry extinct
sustain encampment lobby extermination blatant
virtues hypothermia adversarial accounts perpetrate
bravery assimilation messianic inflict indoctrinate
fortitude submit implement scatter buffalo hides
generosity identity disrupt starvation forcibly removed

Vocabulary Practice 2

Vocabulary Practice 2 Answers



Pow Wows: contemporary Native American activities.

Obama's New Agenda Gives Hope to Native Youth

In Whose Honor? (the issue of Indian mascots in American Sports)