Human Rights Vocabulary Practice 1

First, study the words in the list. Then, put in your name and fill in the form with the correct words (remember to change the form of the word, if necessary) using the words in the list below. There are 20 sentences. While you fill in the form, you should also write the words on a text file to keep for checking later (you can use the link below to get a text file to fill out). When finished, click the "Submit" button below and send it to me. Then, check your answers by clicking on the answers link on the main vocabulary practice page and comparing it with your text file list.

rights universal ethnicity disability gender identity freedom of speech
freedom of assembly asylum protest make contracts promote punish
covenant human rights abuse essential inalienable barbarous dignity
endow conscience distinction servitude degrading recognition
equal before the law arbitrary standard of living livelihood fundamental aspiration

Text file for self-checking.