Human Rights Films

Of Human Bondage: Slavery Today (Turning Point TV documentary from 1994)

Ndima: Mapping our Future - A Story of the Congo Basin People's Fight to Save the Rainforest (2013)

The Tchaikovsky Syndrome: Russia's Anti Gay Agenda

The Poor People's Campaign of MLK and the idea of a Basic Income (2 short films and 1 long film)

Stolen Land (land expropriation by Israel in Palestine)

The Dark Side of Chocolate (2010) (trafficking of children to work on cocoa bean plantations)

Give Women Their Share (women's lack of property rights in India)

Stop Watching Us (NSA spying in the US and the world)

The Peacewalker (2011) (Burmese exile who walks for peace and freedom in Burma and the world)

Gandhi's Children (2011) (Documentary filom of the poor in India)

Supermarket Slave Trail (Guardian, 2014)