Contemporary American History

Vocabulary from readings 1-3:

prosperity standardization sit-in black power brinkmanship resolution
depression baby boom discriminate against affirmative action fallout teach-in
consumer suburbs desegregate iron curtain hearings guerrilla war
mass consumerism authority boycott containment policy blacklisted hawks
citizen consumer conform nonviolent protest escalate witch-hunt withdraw
purchaser consumer entrepreneur freedom rides paranoia coup d'etat convention
advertising segregation assassinate hydrogen bomb domino theory military-industrial complex

Vocabulary Practice 1

Vocabulary Practice 1 Answers

Vocabulary from readings 4 and 5:

counter-culture anti-Washington reformer civilian de-regulation "Contract with America" TARP
silent majority "born again" Christian debt NAFTA the religious right the Tea Party
the EPA recession superpower WTO unilateral populist
bugging secular humanism exit strategy Immigration Reform Act 1965 intervention duopoly
Pentagon Papers gay rights movement Powell Doctrine undocumented workers ("illegals") compassionate conservatism lobbyist
free speech scientific creationism overwhelming amnesty No Child Left Behind FEMA
free assembly discipline alienated social welfare benefits Dot Com bubble capital (investment money)
stagflation neoliberal "Don't ask, don't tell" Affordable Health Care for America Act ("Obamacare")    

Vocabulary Practice 2

Vocabulary Practice 2 Answers


Material on Different Topics

Consumer Culture

1950s Suburban Life


The Line (Poverty in America) YouTube link/Good English Captions

Race Relations

Racism in America: Small Town 1950s Case Study

Five Decades of White Backlash


Trump Has Lied and Twisted Facts to Justify His Harsh Immigration Policies

The Cold War

Cold War Documentary (24 films with pretty good English captions and also Japanese subtitles)

JFK vs. the Military (An article about Kennedy's struggle to keep the American military from starting a nuclear war)

The Vietnam War

Johnson Press Conference Explains the War YouTube/Good English Captions, as well as Japanese subtitles

Vietnam War-The Impact of the Media YouTube link/Fair English & Japanese Captions (This is a rebuttal of a PBS history of the media in the Vietnam War; it claims that the media helped to lose the war, a typical right-wing point of view.)

Kent State YouTube link/So-so English Captions

Kent State Cover-up (modern re-evaluation) YouTube link/Pretty Good English & Japanese Captions

Iraq and Vietnam: A Crucial Difference in Opinion (PEW research study)

How Young Vietnamese View the Vietnam War (Atlanic article)

50s & 60s Pop Music

The Day the Music Died (a reading about the history behind the lyrics of this song/reading this, you should find the songs on YouTube and listen)

The 1960s

The Sixties-The Years That Shaped a Generation (no captions)

Folk Music

Culture Wars

Teaching History in High Schools

Recent Trends in Attitudes

Drugs in American Society

The Drug War is the New Jim Crow


NAFTA's Winners and Losers

Problems in Democracy

Why Young Americans Are Questioning Democracy

Yes, American Democracy Could Break Down


God in America (PBS Frontline series, with transcripts)

Watch Programs

See Transcripts

America's Changing Religious Landscape (Pew Research Center)

Military/Industrial Complex

Who Rules the World? Noam Chomsky

JFK's American University Speech, June 10, 1963

Transcript of Speech

Other Material:

21 Graphs Showing Trends in American Society

PBS Films (6 videos, some with good captions) :

Losing Iraq (about the Iraq War)
JFK & Wyoming (film of JFK visiting the state of Wyoming)
Remembering the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Two American Families (a film comparing black and white families' lives)
One Family's War (about the experience of losing a son in the Vietnam War)
Dean Rusk: At the Heartbeat of History (a profile of Dean Rusk, who was Secretary of State during the Vietnam War)

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Bill Moyers (current issues in American society)

Pew Research Center (Lots of good statistics)