small talk= things you say to someone you don’t know well, or have nothing much to talk about; 閑談, 世間話

be reminded = remembered; 思い出させる

amass debt = increase the amount of money you owe; amass = collect; 積む; debt = money that you owe to the bank or credit card company; 負債. (American students are famous for using their credit cards a lot; also, many students take out a lot of money in loans to go to school.)


do your undergrad = do undergraduate college studies; 学部学生として勉強します

alma mater= the school where you graduated; 母校

diversity = difference; 多様性.

pointedly = candidly; frankly; あからさまく

complain = criticize; 文句

chill = cool; good to be with socially; not boring; すばらしい

isn't anymore New York Times wedding pages than mine = is common (not like the elite schools in the New York Times newspaper social pages that report the weddings of rich or socially prominent people who went to elite schools)

distinct = clear; 明白[明確]な

aesthetically; from the point of view of looks; 審美的で

dim sum = a kind of Chinese food served on small dishes; 点心

matter = are important; 重要[重大]である

intimate =(関係が)緊密な

a temp = a temporary worker; 臨時雇い(の人)

intrusive = じゃまをする

circles = the social group that one is part of; 自分の友達の範囲 

personal = private; 個人の, 私的な

So, what's your story? = a direct way of asking someone to talk about themselves; it implies that what you have to say may not be believed; story = alibi; アリバイ