existential =  connected to human life; 存在に関する

crisis = a big problem; 危機

existential crisis = a life problem, such as the lack of love or loneliness

inauspicious = (adjective) unlucky; 不吉[不運]な

amulets = (noun) good luck charms; 護符

Shinto = 神道

wholeheartedly = (adverb) completely; 心をこめた

throw logic to the wind = do something crazy; throw....to the wind = ....を考慮に入れません; logic = 道理

    throw caution to the wind = 慎重さを考慮に入れません (危険な事をする)

purify; purification = make something more clean; 浄化する

version = バージョン

surgeon =  (noun) a doctor that performs operations;外科医

take...seriously = think that something is important;大切にする

superstition = (noun) magic or unscientific belief; 迷信

in my heart of hearts = deep inside; 心の底では

absurd =  (adjective) crazy; 不条理な

sheer chicanery = sheer (adjective)=complete; chicanery = (noun) lie; 全然嘘つき

win the lottery = be successful in a drawing;くじが当たる

irrationality = (noun) craziness; illogic; 不合理

turned out to be = (verb) finally became; 結果が⋯となる

a carnival barker = (noun) a person at a traveling show who calls to people to come in and spend heir money; 巡業ショーのうるさく勧誘する人

professorial manner = (noun) behavior that is like a professor's; 教授的なやり方

make the most of =  (verb) not waste; do one's best to use something, such as an opportunity; …を十分利用する

vagueness =  (noun) the state of being unclear;  曖昧

well up = (intransitive verb) start to pour out, such as tears;わき出る

charm =  (noun) attractiveness; cuteness; 魔力

relinquishing = (transitive verb) give up; let someone have something; …放棄する

blame = (transitive verb) say someone else has responsibility for something bad that happened; とがめる, 非難する

control freak = (noun) somebody who needs to have power and hates other people to have the power; people who want everything their own way; 身の回りのことに異常に几帳面な人

what if = "what would you do if…"; そうすればどうするの

As many as it takes = as many (fortune-tellers) as necessary (to get a good fortune); 必要なだけ